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Muk, whose colour line we use -  is an  Australian owned professional haircare brand. Founded in Melbourne (Australia) in 2006, 

Muk launched its first product ‘Hard Muk’ in late 2006. With just one product, Muk became an overnight success. With its brightly coloured aluminium packaging, cheeky product names and provocative advertising, the brand was on everyone’s lips. Ten years later, they have become a market leader in professional haircare in Australia, a favourite with consumers worldwide and international distribution in nineteen countries.

With 34 core range products, 5 specialised Argan Oil products and 6 best selling electrical tools, the brand caters to the hair needs of everyone.

All Muk products are PETA approved.

The product is delicately scented and enriched of protective ingredients high quality and lets you get perfect results every time with ease.

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are based on short hair, an accurate quote wil be given once a consultation has been done.

We send a friendly reminder the day before, any last minute cancellations may cost you. - Waxing Xpress

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