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At Wax Xpress, we only use the best professional spray tanning products, leaving you with a long lasting and natural spray tan. We also have the ability to know which product is best suited for your particular skin type. Head over to Waxing Xpress and receive a youthful, 
sun-kissed glowing tan in just minutes. Our highly skilled Spray Tan professionals have over 18 years experience and can deliver a long-lasting and streak-free application that will have you flaunting your gorgeous colour with confidence.

2 Hr Tan


4 Hr Tan




Every Thursday Spray Tans are $25

Purchase our body scrub to ensure skin is fresh and clean between tans 

Tangerine & Orange Body Scrub consists of a blend of sea salts mixed with jojoba, soya bean oil and fruit acids to form a deep exfoliating body scrub that removes dry, dead skin leaving your skin enriched, stimulated and gorgeously glowing. 

Recommended to use at the end of a tan cycle ( 8-10 days or post 6 days for regulars ) to remove all dead skin and old tan before coming in for next treatment.

Australian Made. Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Retailing for just $28.00

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